50 years ago we put a Mustang on the Empire State Building.

And on April 16, we did it again.

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In October 1965, Ford put a Mustang on the 86th floor of the Empire State Building. How'd we get it up there?

Which of these photos shows a 1975 Mustang II?

Which is NOT the name of an actual Mustang special edition?

Mustang's 50th anniversary inspired a special line of which beauty product?

Before it was called the Mustang, what was Ford's original name for the 1965 model?

Prior to 2004, where was the Mustang produced?

In 2006, a Mustang could be equipped with

21% of all Mustangs sold have been in what color?

After its launch in 1964, how long did it take for there to be one million Mustang drivers on the road?

How many movies and TV shows has Mustang starred in?

How many Mustangs have been sold during its 50-year history?

How much did the original Mustang cost in 1964?

How many color combinations are possible using the lights at the top of the Empire State Building?

Which President officially opened the Empire State Building?

In what year did the Empire State Building get its own zip code?

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